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You’ve found Raleigh’s premeir Epoxy Flooring Expert. Our epoxy floors are durable, unique and abrasion-resistant, and most importantly, they are installed correctly. Owner Bob Witcraft personally has more than 40 years’ experience in the coatings industry.

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We obtain the finest, high-quality epoxy flooring materials and industrial-strength floor coatings straight from top-class manufacturers. These are NOT THE SAME PRODUCTS that consumers can buy in their local home improvement store. Our superior materials and extensive industry experience allows us to create endless artistic possibilities for each floor. Whether you’re interested in solid epoxy floors or epoxy flake flooring for commercial or residential use, we have a solution for you.


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Product Information

Durability & Design

FLAKE flooring elements are used to enhance the appearance and texture qualities of highperformance flooring systems while maintaining superior chemical and abrasion resistance.

Hygienic and Seamless Protection

High-performance flooring systems create seamless surfaces that are extremely durable and easy to maintain. The non-porous surface makes spills easy to clean and provides superior protection against the growth of mold and bacteria compared to tile and grout options.

Design Options

For everyday spaces, choose from our extensive collection of professionally designed color patterns.

For special projects, open the door to new possibilities and custom design FLAKE patterns from a selection of over 150 solid colors and various size options.

For best results, a clear topcoat is recommended to fully encapsulate FLAKE and provide a durable wearing surface.

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What are the Benefits of FLAKE Flooring Systems?


Resinous flooring systems provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance over pre-engineered floors.


FLAKE enhances high-performance flooring by adding custom color and texture to complement any environment.


FLAKE resinous flooring systems provide a cost effective alternative to pre-engineered floors.


FLAKE resinous flooring media provides an orange-peel texture that increases the slip resistance and safety.


Resinous flooring systems are wax free and easy to upkeep and clean with just soap and water.


Resinous flooring creates a seamless, flowing surface that won’t collect dirt, moisture, or germs.


Resinous flooring systems provide a flexible surface that deadens the noise of foot traffic and carts.


After years of use, efficiently revitalize your resinous floor by sanding the surface and applying a new topcoat.

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